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The central government launches a scheme for covid orphans. Those who have lost their parents in the pandemic, such children will get a monthly stipend and much more. PM-CARES scheme for children is specially designed for Covid affected children. Read the full article to get all the information about the scheme.

PM announces- "PM-CARES for children" scheme

There is some excessively big announcement made by the central government. Children will get free health insurance of 5 lac rupees under the Ayushman Bharat scheme till 18 years of age. PM care will pay the premium

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it is a great loss to lose parents. And our children represent the future of the country. We will do everything to support and protect the children, he added. It is our duty as a society to care for our children and instill a hope for bright future.

PM-CARES scheme for covid affected children launched on the completion of 7 years of Modi Government. Earlier, we also had BP president making an appeal to chief ministers of BJP ruled state to introduce special schemes for children affected specifically by COVID-19 or orphaned due to COVID-19 and lost their parents.

children below 10 years

Children below 10 years of age – Government will protect and accommodates children below 10 years of age. Such children will put under the childcare of the concerned state government. Their bright future is the utmost priority.


Children 11-18 years of age – Children of this age group will also have fully funded education. The government will assist the students with education loans for special courses according to the existing norms. The PM-CARES will pay the interest on this loan. In addition, govt. will provide a health insurance cover worth rupees 5 lac.

Children above 18 years of age – During the period of higher education, govt will provide a corpus of rupees 10 lac for the child’s personal requirements from PM-CARES. It is a specially designed scheme.

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